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 Digital Attraction |  Sunday October 13, 2019

Following on from our last article on SEO Basics (Part 1), we remind you that before you start to optimise your web pages, you should know some things about website promotion and search engine optimisation. These 2 articles, concluding in SEO Basics – Part 2, are intended to help you learn how search engine optimisation will help you to get more customers and more sales. You’ll also learn which things you should avoid. Enjoy SEO Basics – Part 2!

What do most search engines consider spam?

  1. Automatically created low quality content
  2. Automatically created backlinks (automated blog comments, automated forum accounts, etc.)
  3. Cloaking (the web server returns different pages for search engine spiders and human web surfers)
  4. Doorway pages
  5. Misleading redirections
  6. Hidden text (text has a colour that is very similar to the background colour, text in very small font sizes, text that has been hidden with CSS tags etc.)

If you use one of these techniques on your web pages, remove them now. You might get short term results with them but it is extremely likely that search engines will ban your site if you continue to use them.

What is Black-Hat and White-Hat SEO?

Some search engine optimisation companies and software tools use unethical techniques and tricks to artificially boost the search engine rankings of a website. This dilutes the quality of search results and calls into question the accuracy of search results. These methods are called black-hat SEO.

Is Black-Hat SEO very risky?

Search engines don’t like to be cheated. For this reason, they are continuously trying to counter the spam techniques which webmasters might be using and penalise or ban them. Search engines continue to reconstruct their algorithms to prevent spammers from flooding the results page with irrelevant or low quality content. You might get short term results with these techniques but it is very likely that your site will be banned from search engines if you use them. You’ll put your web business at severe risk if you use black-hat SEO methods.

Why Use Digital Attraction?

Our clients use us for 2 main reasons. They are either time poor or they wish to achieve the best return on investment. Digital Attraction only uses ethical search engine optimisation methods. These methods are called white-hat SEO. Digital Attraction uses only safe SEO techniques that produce lasting results and that don’t offend search engines. Ethical search engine optimisation (white-hat SEO) is about everyone winning. We would be delighted if you were to contact us to discuss your unique scenario.