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  • Event Production and logistics

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    Full event production and logistics support service at Digital Attraction ensure that the event concepts are brought to life and successfully deployed. Our expert team will deliver an event that is of the highest standard, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring every detail has been looked at.

  • Event branding and graphic design

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    The event experience begins with the first communication and touch point – we create an event brand to ensure cohesion and consistency for your event. Event collateral includes print, digital and signage, and are designed to represent your brand and your message to achieve your event objectives.

  • Event design concepts – floorplan & creative

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    Designing an immersive event is to create an experience that is relevant and meaningful to your audience. Our design approach encourages audience engagement, interaction and involvement to create a stronger connection to your event objectives.

  • Strategic planning and communications

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    In regards to strategic planning and communications for your event, Extracting your thoughts about your event and the visual image that you wish to convey enables us to create your event. We develop a shared vision that is supported by a creative strategy to ensure that your event is meaningful, impactful and is targeted to […]

  • Event Management

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    As a seasoned event management company and professional conference organiser, services are offered across a diverse spectrum of events and conferences. A successful event is the result of measured outcomes, detailed consideration and planning, and we provide you with a dedicated Event Manager with a support team to tailor an experience to your needs.

  • We provide:

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    Event Management Strategic planning and communications Branding and graphic design Floorplan, creative and concept event design Production and logistics

  • Event Services

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    Digital Attraction has over 20 years’ experience in bringing some of corporate Australia’s most memorable event services for feature events and exhibitions. Our ethos is to make your event positively memorable. We consider all aspects of your event to connect the dots and deliver your event with ease and grace. We listen intently to share […]