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 Digital Attraction |  Thursday April 8, 2021

Starting a new Shopify store can be a fascinating and fun experience. But when you begin the process, you might get a little overwhelmed with your target of creating the right platform and including the right strategies to increase sales. 

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Creating the store is the easy part, after which you will have to go through so many barriers to help you stand out from the crowd. If you are one of those who face the challenge of finding the right strategy for their online store, then look no further than these fantastic ideas. With these ideas for improving your online store, Shopify success would be right at your doorstep!

What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the leading commerce platforms in the world designed for businesses of all types and sizes. It is an eCommerce platform that allows people to create an online store to sell their products. 

Whether you plan on selling your products online, in-store, on social media, or out on the street, Shopify has you covered! Since its beginning in 2004, the platform has seen incredible growth and now has over 375000 stores. 

Why Should You Use Shopify over other eCommerce platforms for Digital Marketing Success?

Whether you have multiple eCommerce stores or are working with one Shopify site, businesses go for Shopify because it is simple! The platform provides powerful SEO for tools and tactics and provides any business with the foundation for a successful marketing strategy. 

You could compare Shopify over other eCommerce platforms on Shopify itself! With more payment gateways, sales channels, and reporting tools, it might be obvious why people choose Shopify over others. The platform has so many features and guides that will help you over every little process of creating the perfect online store!

Digital Marketing Success Ideas to succeed in the Shopify platform

Shopify allows businesses of any scale to sell their products online. However, competing with thousands of other stores out there can be challenging. Therefore, check out these few ideas to succeed with Shopify. 

#1. Be Ready for Mobile Commerce

Desktops are great for using the internet, but it does not bring in the extent of online traffic as they did a few years ago. With the increase in smartphone users out there, a massive part of online traffic is mobile devices, such that over 60% of internet usage is from mobile devices in North America alone. 

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Be Mobile Responsive from the beginning

Since a considerable part of traffic to your store will be from tablets and smartphones, making your store easily accessible from mobile devices should be one of your first steps. 

Make sure you implement this from the beginning. After all, you would not want to miss out on the 60% consumer base when launching your store. 

Create Apps for mobile platforms

A great way to involve smartphones is to create apps for your brand. With an app, you will convert a lot of your website customers to app users and make them on track for becoming loyal customers. Apps can also increase your chances of ranking better in Google search results. 

#2. Have a plan for Customer Retention

Retaining customers who have already bought from your store is more effective than looking out for new ones since around 65% of the sales come from previous customers. You can use various methods like the following to ensure that your customers come back to you for more products:

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Use Email marketing

Standard emails about your latest sales, products, offers, and even seasonal emails, holiday-specific mails, and birthday messages can really help improve customer relationships. 

Shopify has various app solutions to send cart abandonment emails automatically as well to remind them about the product they were looking at before. 

Delight customers

Every customer is special to you, and it is essential to let them know that. Please do this by making small, meaningful gestures like giving them surprise offers, putting little handwritten notes in their packages, giving prompt customer service. Letting your customers create something positive and building a relationship is an essential part of marketing. 

Have unique packaging 

When sending out packages to your customers, ensure that they experience a fantastic unboxing experience. Make sure your box is attractive and different from the rest. To let your customers know how good the unboxing experience is, you could send your product to social media influencers and ask them to upload a video of the unboxing on YouTube or Instagram. Improve packaging like coupons, handwritten notes, manuals, and referral vouchers. 

Use Retargeting Ads

Some networks offer retargeting ads that allow you to display products that send ads to your customers of products they already viewed on your website. These ads can help bring your products to the notice of potential customers by placing cookies on their browsers.  

Use Giveaways

Giveaways are a very effective tool in retaining old customers while attracting new ones. Provide them exciting offers or let them win free products to build customer relationships. 

You could have these giveaways through contests and direct the contest to a specific type of audience or for a particular line of products. This will also allow you to collect content and information about your customers, which you can later use for marketing strategies. 

Give Coupons for Repeat buyers

Build customer loyalty by giving out coupons with deals and discounts for referrals and repeated purchases. This will also improve the unboxing experience. 

Have a Loyalty Program

Include a loyalty program to your site that provides customers with reward points and coins for repeated purchases from your sites. This is a fantastic way for customer retention as well. Paid loyalty programs like special memberships with various perks like faster delivery or discounted products can also work.  

#3. Build a huge email list for Digital Marketing Success

Put together an email list containing all the people who have given their email at some point in your life. This vast list will help send emails regarding seasonal sales, offers, price drops, or any changes your store sees. This way, you can drive the traffic by yourself instead of relying on social media or cookies. 

Email marketing is an efficient and cheap marketing tool that allows merchants to reach a vast customer base. Maintain an email list from the very beginning to convert visitors to customers. 

#4. Have a Content marketing strategy in place

Content marketing refers to sharing and creating online material like videos, images, blogs, etc. It is to create an interest in your brand’s services and products. 

Content marketing is much more effective than traditional marketing, and you could use the following techniques:

Product Images

Images are the first thing people notice when visiting your site, so it is essential to work on these and make them look beautiful and are of higher quality. For site speed and SEO, you could do the following:

  • Name the image file descriptively
  • Compress the image
  • Maintain an ideal image size (keep it below 1800px width or height)

With the help of images, you can feature your services or products in different ways but make sure that they show all aspects of the products and provide the customers with a clear idea of what they are buying. 

Product videos

Product videos are a great marketing technique, primarily when they feature the product in use. Studies have shown that around 64% of people are more likely to buy the product after watching the video. About 90% of customers feel that videos help them make a better purchasing decision. 

Product Descriptions

A short but descriptive product description for each product is necessary since it can talk to your customers about precisely what the products feature. It can contain information on the product uses and specifications, and when engagingly, it can become a great marketing strategy. 

Since most of Google’s algorithms promote high-quality content, creating a powerful product description is vital. Product uniqueness is essential to attract customers, so ensure that you do not provide the same product description for all the products. 

Product Pages

Product pages should contain descriptions of the products, the required images and videos, and suggestions of similar products, but if your page is not attractive, then you might lose customers. The quality of your product page will determine whether your visitor will become a customer. So, focus on visual, navigation, and content to grab the customer’s attention.

Product Reviews & Recommendations

Product reviews from past buyers can help improve trust in your brand and products. Ensure your brand has a page for reviews so that your customers can quickly check out what others feel about your brand. You could also include reviews on social media blogs and platforms. 

To improve the review page, ask your customers to write a review about the product they purchased from your website, and you could also provide recommendations for future purchases. 

#5. For Digital Marketing Success, Have a Storytelling Marketing Strategy in place

Create content that provides a clear picture of your products and your brand, like a story to allow your customers to have a personal connection with your brand. This can, in turn, generate a lot of sales. Many studies have shown that customers are receptive to personal stories and connections and are not attracted by facts and logic. 

Use Images and Visuals whenever needed

Use visuals as much as possible since images and visuals are perfect for grabbing the attention of any customer and work quicker than descriptions and blogs. You could request your customers to send your pictures or videos of them using their products along with their reviews and post these on social media as well. These can help your customers trust your brand a bit more. 

#6. Create Interactive Contents

An online store is different from a traditional store since it does not provide customers with a personal feel of going through the aisles, browsing, holding, and testing them. But you could give this experience by including interactive content on the page. 

Using Quizzes

Quizzes are one of the simplest forms of interactive content that have helped many stores increase their sales in the past. A few entertaining quizzes about the product that provides customers options to choose exactly what they are looking for is a great way to make them feel like they are getting personal attention. 

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#7. Use Paid Ads effectively for Digital Marketing Success

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google can help drive traffic to your site. These ads are much more effective than targeted, showing customers exactly what they are looking for. 

Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads are an advertising tool in which Google will show the ads of your products at the top of search results every time the consumer searched for something relevant. 

For this, all you will need is a Google Ads account and a Google merchant account. These will display the picture, description, price, and reviews of products. 

Since these are the first thing they will see, make sure you display only clear, authentic images along with essential details. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook has the option for paid advertising which you could use to publish your products. Facebook takes information from the existing product data from the store and publishes the product in a consistent form that allows users to make easy purchases from the platform itself. 

These may offer reasonable conversion rates since people who do not have time to browse through your store can still make purchases directly from Facebook after going through all the necessary information from the ads. 

Instagram Ads

Instagram can publish sponsored ads like videos and images on feeds. This enables people to discover your products and directly purchase them from the platform. The posts could also contain reviews from customers and influencers to enhance the trust in your brand. 

You could also hire Instagram influencers to post pictures of them using your products or unboxing videos to improve the interest in customers. 

#8. Always be supportive

Customer support and service are vital for customer retention and the attraction of new customers. Providing polite customer support can build a tremendous customer-business relationship and make your customers trust your brand more. 

Using Chatbots

Chatbots can be a great customer support tactic which you could consider trying on your site. The customers can choose from a list of predetermined queries and get solutions to their problems very quickly. 

In case the customers are not satisfied with the chatbot solutions, you could provide a separate helpline where they could explain their situation in detail and get personalized answers.  

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Using Help Articles

FAQs and help articles containing answers and solutions to general questions and problems can help save your and your customers time. This is a fantastic way to win customer confidence, so they do not have to wait around to get their queries answered. You could also feature content like this on your Shopify blog. 

#9. Keep Security an important thing from the beginning

While privacy concerns and data protection are required, one of the most important things you should focus on in the store is to protect the customers’ privacy. Any user data, payment, and contact information must be safely stored, encrypted, and protected from cyber attacks and hackers. 

Ensure that your encryption and data protection software is in place from the beginning. You could check your online platform security features to make sure that all your payment options are secure. 

Customers will not trust your brand unless they are sure that your payment option is completely secure and their privacy is valued. 

Digital Marketing Success Conclusion

Creating your brand and making your product stand out will be accessible on the vast Shopify platform with these fantastic ideas to succeed with Shopify. Try these ideas on your online store now and watch your business grow! For professional advice and digital marketing success, feel free to contact us at Digital Attraction.

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