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  • Why Use Digital Attraction?

    By Digital AttractionDigital Attraction / February 22 K

    Digital Attraction only uses ethical search engine optimisation methods. These methods are called white-hat SEO. Digital Attraction uses only safe SEO techniques that produce lasting results and that don’t offend search engines. Ethical search engine optimisation (white-hat SEO) is about everyone winning. Want to know more about us. Allow Australia’s best value digital marketing agency […]

  • Is Black-Hat SEO very risky?

    By Digital AttractionDigital Attraction /

    Black-Hat SEO – Search engines don’t like to be cheated. For this reason, they are continuously trying to counter the spam techniques which webmasters might be using and penalise or ban them. Search engines continue to reconstruct their algorithms to prevent spammers from flooding the results page with irrelevant or low-quality content. You might get […]

  • What is Black-Hat and White-Hat SEO?

    By Digital AttractionDigital Attraction /

    Some search engine optimisation companies and software tools use unethical techniques and tricks to artificially boost the search engine rankings of a website. This dilutes the quality of search results and calls into question the accuracy of search results. These methods are called black-hat SEO. Allow Australia’s best value digital marketing agency to show you […]

  • What do most search engines consider spam?

    By Digital AttractionDigital Attraction /

    Automatically created low quality content Automatically created backlinks (automated blog comments, automated forum accounts, etc.) Cloaking (the web server returns different pages for search engine spiders and human web surfers) Doorway pages Misleading redirections Hidden text (text has a colour that is very similar to the background colour, text in very small font sizes, text […]

  • How does Google rank your web pages?

    By Digital AttractionDigital Attraction /

    Google explains the ranking algorithm like this: “Traditional search engines rely heavily on how often a word appears on a web page. Google uses PageRank™ to examine the entire link structure of the web and determine which pages are most important. It then conducts hypertext-matching analysis to determine which pages are relevant to the specific […]

  • How do search engines rank web pages?

    By Digital AttractionDigital Attraction / February 20 K

    This issue is a bit technical but it will help you to understand how search engines specify the position of a web page in the search results. Search engines use mathematical formulas to determine the rank of a web page. These mathematical formulas are called ranking algorithms. Although search engines don’t reveal the exact algorithms, […]

  • Why do you have to optimise your web pages?

    By Digital AttractionDigital Attraction /

    Some people think that it is enough to submit a website to as many search engines as possible to get high rankings. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If you do not optimise your web pages, then you won’t get high search engine rankings. A. Not all websites can have high rankings There are billions […]

  • Why do high search engine rankings increase your sales?

    By Digital AttractionDigital Attraction /

    High search engine rankings are the perfect way to get more website visitors, more customers and more sales. Statistics show that having high organic search engine rankings specific to relevant keywords that describe your business offerings, is the key to the success of your business receiving consistent sales, leads and opportunities online and over the […]